Friday, 30 October 2009

Website Work - Updated!

Lemons & Limes

The band Lemons & Limes wanted a website creating to advertise their upcoming gigs and to provide their fans with information on their band. They wanted a unique website, something they hadn't come across before. They brought me in because they liked my art style and I created the following website for them:

The navigation of the website was deliberately idiosyncratic. When the page loads, the first thing you see are birds sat on branches of the tree, each moving in a unique way. Each bird is clickable...and when you roll your mouse over the bird the title for the page appears above its head. This added an extra element of interactivity to the website that helped invite the user into the experience even further. There was also a pop up bird that gave information to you in the bottom right hand corner; you can just see the bird popping up in the image above :)

When you select a bird an information tab presents itself. This bar can be closed, much in the same way you close a window in any other user system, by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the box. The website had birdsong in the background, this could obviously become quite frustrating if you visited the page for a long time, so I integrated the option to turn it off by using the toggle button in the top right hand corner of the page.

  • This website was built entirely in Flash. When you visited the website it loaded into a separate window, almost like a pop-up. The page would then start dancing and moving around and catch the visitors interest.
  • A combination of Actionscript, Javascript and timeline manipulation went into this website.
  • The layout of the page is very unusual, but eye catching. This was a deliberate method of making the website stand out.
  • All of the graphics were hand drawn and animated by myself.

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