Thursday, 5 November 2009

Design Work

Here are a few examples of some of my previous design work:

This is the logo for The Workshop of the World, a collaborative art project. I liked the idea of a workshop using wood to craft things, so I decided to apply this to the logo and create an logo that might have been hammer together in a tool shed and then hung on the door. The positioning of the words, circling the world, are to show the freedom and creativity that the workshop encourages in its members. They are gathered and brought together by The Workshop but they are not governed by it.

WM productions were looking to brand the business side of their company and wanted a corporate logo that looked sleek and professional. Above is one of those designs. This particular colour of blue is a calming colour and I used it deliberately, wanting to display the companies relaxed approach to the workplace.

A university project on water conservation.

This glowing eerie logo appears to the backing track of wind howling through the trees. It implies mystery, magic and light in the darkness.

This is the opening shot from my digital portfolio. The weight drops onto the screen and becomes an interactive menu bar for the user to navigate around.

This is a logo I developed for a bird conservation project. The clock in the birds belly symbolises how time is running out for us to do something about the destruction of birds habitats. This logo was designed to be a stencil so that guerrilla artists could spray paint onto walls, lamp posts.


Above is an animated logo I created for the website - they run days where people can drive very fast sport cars around different racing tracks including Silverstone.

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